Organization and Administration of the Department

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Hans-Johann Glock
Prof. Dr. Francis Cheneval (Deputy)

Director of Studies Bachelor and Master

Prof. Dr. Katia Saporiti

Head of Administration, Program Coordinator

lic. phil. Simon Berwert

Administrative Office (ZUP)
Carmen Dürsteler, Stéphanie Oechslin

Administrative Office (ZOA)
Lisa Brun

Student Advisory Services
Susanne Richli, MA

Advisor for External Funding
Dr. Holger Baumann

Library of the Department of Philosophy
Beatrice Da Costa, Susanne Luchsinger

Library of the Center for Ethics
Helen Schnyder

IT Support Staff
Dr. Stefan Riegelnik, Thomas Huber

Doctoral Program Coordinator for the Graduate Schools of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Philosophy and History)
Dr. Stefan Riegelnik