Departmental Assembly

Dates and People

The Departmental Assembly consists of all the Department’s full and associate professors, assistant professors, and SNSF assistant professors, as well as the Head or Deputy Head of Department.
There is also a delegate from each of the following representative bodies: the senior researchers and teaching staff, the junior researchers, the students, and the administrative and technical staff. The Administrative Head of Department participates in an advisory capacity.
The following people were appointed by the represented bodies as delegates:
•    Senior researchers and teaching staff: Jürg Berthold (Deputy: Dominique Kuenzle)
•    Junior researchers: Claire Plassard (Deputy: Sebastian Schmidt)
•    Administrative and technical staff: Susanne Luchsinger (Deputy: Susanne Richli)
•    Students: Selim Heers (Deputy: Aline Rickli)

Departmental staff and students who have a request concerning the discussion of an item on the agenda of the departmental assembly should contact the delegate of the relevant body.

The Departmental Assembly will next meet on the following dates: German language website

Applications for «SNSF Eccellenza Professorial Fellowships»

Applicants for «SNSF Eccellenza Professorial Fellowships» should apply to the Head of Department as early as possible and no later than two months before the SNSF’s submission deadline. Please include the following documents: motivation for choice of university, project outline, CV, bibliography.