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Department of Philosophy

Outgoing Students

The Department of Philosophy is keen to contribute to national and international networking. The Department therefore encourages philosophy students to take advantage of the opportunities for student exchange.
Inform yourself as early as possible during your studies about the various options that are open to you. This page will help you obtain an overview. In order to be able to obtain recognition for your academic achievement during an exchange, it is particularly important that you conclude a credit-transfer agreement with the Department of Philosophy. For more details, see «Recognition of Academic Achievement».

Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP, formerly Erasmus)

Students on all study programs can apply for an exchange with SEMP. Applications should be made using the Mobility Online platform, through which exchange places are then allocated. The first application window for one and two-semester exchanges to begin the following Fall Semester is from 1st November to 15th February. If there are any unallocated places after the first round of applications, there is a second application window from mid-June to mid-August for one-semester exchanges to begin the following Spring Semester.
Detailed information about the dates are here.

There are SEMP exchange places available to the Department of Philosophy at the following partner universities:


Berlin Freie Universität Berlin BA/MA/DOCT
Berlin Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin BA/MA/DOCT
Bielefeld Universität Bielefeld BA/MA/DOCT
Munich Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München BA
Stuttgart Universität Stuttgart BA/MA/DOCT
Lyon Université Jean Moulin (Lyon III) BA/MA
United Kingdom
Southampton University of Southampton BA/DOCT
Torino Università degli Studi di Torino BA
Utrecht Universiteit Utrecht BA/MA/DOCT
Salzburg Universität Salzburg BA
Barcelona Universitat de Barcelona BA/MA

In addition, philosophy students can apply for a SEMP exchange place using agreements reached by the International Relations Office (‘Diverse’ Agreements). A list of partner universities accessible in this way can be found here. In addition to studying abroad, it is possible to do an internship in other European countries within the SEMP framework. The various possibilities are described here. SEMP students normally receive a grant to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. This currently amounts to CHF 1500.— per semester. Full details about SEMP can be found on the relevant website of the International Relations Office. The Student Advisor at the Department of Philosophy will be pleased to help you plan your exchange and inform you about available exchange places and award criteria.

Worldwide Agreements

The University of Zurich has concluded bilateral exchange agreements with numerous non-European and individual European universities. Students at the University of Zurich have the opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters in accordance with these agreements. The university-wide agreements are open to students of all subjects. In addition, there are particular faculty and institute agreements that are reserved for students of the relevant subject.
For further information, please consult the International Relations Office’s page on Worldwide Agreements.


Thanks to a framework convention between Swiss higher education institutions, you have the opportunity to study for one or two semesters at another Swiss university. Further information can be found on the UZH’s Mobility webpage under «CH-Unimobil».


If your preferred university is not one of our partner universities, it is possible to organize your own period of study abroad. For further information, see the International Relations Office’s page on self-organization.

ETH Zurich

You can attend lecutres and seminars from the ETH Zurich if they cover topics of philosophy. Please contact the student advisory service.