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Department of Philosophy

Incoming Students

Students from Foreign Universities

As an institution of international renown, the University of Zurich enjoys student exchange agreements with more than 250 partner universities worldwide. Every year, several hundred exchange students from all over the world come to the UZH and study at one of its more than 150 institutes and departments.

The team «Global Student Experience» is the point of contact for international students wishing to visit the UZH for an exchange or internship. The options for visiting the UZH are listed here. Full details of the SEMP/Erasmus student exchange program can be found here. You must agree the formalities with your home university and the team «Global Student Experience» of the UZH.

Students from Other Swiss Universities

Exchange in a Minor Subject
Under certain circumstances, students from other universities can take an entire minor at the UZH. Please consult this page for further details.
CH-Unimobil is a Swiss university exchange program and enables students at Swiss universities to study at another Swiss university for one or two semesters.

Permanent Transfer to the University of Zurich

Studies that have already begun at other universities may, under certain circumstances, be continued at the UZH. For this to happen, you must proceed as follows:
1. Matriculate with Student Services. This takes place online. All important information about this process can be found under Application and Admission.
2. Inform yourself about the extent to which your academic achievement at another university can be credited towards your UZH studies.

Module Selection and Booking / Transcript of Records

In the Course Catalogue you will find detailed information about all the courses offered in the area of philosophy. The language of tuition for most courses is German, but we also offer a large number of English-language courses.
Find out in advance which modules your home university will accept for credit. Seek advice before you book any modules!
Please note that not all modules are graded! Some universities will only accept graded modules for credit.
Once you have chosen your modules, you must book them online. At the end of the semester, you will automatically receive a transcript of records (Leistungsausweis).