Chair of General Ethics

Prof. Dr. Christoph Halbig

The Chair of General Ethics conducts research on metaethics and normative ethics. Metaethics investigates the nature, justification and truth conditions of moral judgements as well as their normative and motivational force. Normative ethics is about the formulation and discussion of moral theories and principles that provide a general answer to the question of how we should act and live.

One research focus of the chair is on general value theory, which deals with the problem of what fundamental values and goods there are, how they relate to the notion of reason and rights, and what role values play for the good life. A second focus is on virtue. Here, the question is how the concept of virtue is to be understood and how virtues relate to values. This raises the issue of what role virtues play in normative ethics. Also of relevance are empirically motivated criticisms regarding the tenability of concepts of virtue and the idea of stable character traits. Third, the chair engages in ethical research from a philosophical-historical perspective, especially with regard to ancient philosophy, classical German philosophy, and intuitionism.

Research Team

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