Wittgenstein and Beyond: Language, Mind, and Normativity

Symposium on the Philosophy of Hans-Johann Glock

University of Zurich, September 16 – 18, 2021

Event with Covid Certificate

The symposium celebrates the work of Hans-Johann Glock, a philosopher renowned for both his exegesis of Wittgenstein and his many contributions to systematic debates. The rare combination of a Wittgenstein-inspired approach with a preparedness to break away from Wittgenstein to tackle problems in an open-minded way makes Glock a distinctive voice in contemporary philosophy. His work has inspired both Wittgenstein scholars and philosophers who are not primarily interested in Wittgenstein’s legacy. The purpose of the three-day symposium is to bring together both up-and-coming and distinguished philosophers from Switzerland and abroad to discuss the potential of applying Wittgensteinian insights to contemporary debates. It covers a wide range of topics, including specific issues in the philosophy of language and mind, the theory of agency and normativity, as well as metaphilosophical issues. The contributions of the invited speakers will later be published in a Festschrift with Routledge.


  • Maria Alvarez (London)
  • Hanoch Ben-Yami (Vienna)
  • Gerhard Ernst (Erlangen)
  • Brad Hooker (Reading)
  • John Hyman (London)
  • Julia Langkau (Flensburg)
  • Albert Newen (Bochum)
  • Christian Nimtz (Bielefeld)
  • Severin Schroeder (Reading)
  • Helen Steward (Leeds)
  • Daniel Whiting (Southampton)
  • Markus Wild (Basel)

Graduate Workshop

The symposium includes a graduate workshop responding to Glock's work. The speakers will be:

  • Cameron Alexander
  • Romain Büchi
  • Marie van Loon
  • Franziska Poprawe

Schedule (PDF) (PDF, 297 KB)

Kutscherhaus, Zollikerstrasse 115, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland (Room: ZOB-E–2)

Due to the corona pandemic, only a small number of participants will be allowed to be physically present at the venue. Please register by emailing to festschriftglock@gmail.com by September 10 2021.

Note that attendance requires a valid Covid Certificate Link UZH.

Please indicate whether you would like to participate only in the online event.

The Zoom link to the talks that are given online will sent to the registered participants by e-mail.

Dr. Christoph C. Pfisterer (Zürich), Dr. Nicole Rathgeb (Bern), Prof. Dr. Eva Schmidt (Dortmund)

The event is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and UZH Alumni.